The mesh bag is known to be very functional. Indeed, at the same time practical, flexible, foldable-unfoldable or extensible depending on the container, the advantages of mesh bags are numerous.

In addition to its practicality, this bag offers a large number of customization possibilities. From basic personalization such as size, colour or manufacturing material, to more complex details such as mesh width or handle length; you can shape the product as you wish to make it to your taste.

In addition, given the design materials used (cotton, polyester, etc.) and the simplicity of manufacture, net bags are relatively accessible to all.

Now let’s look at the different uses of the mesh bag. Originally used for its ergonomics (very flexible and extensible), it has become over the months a real fashion actor. Much more than a bag, the mesh bag has become an accessory, as shown by the major luxury brands that have launched into the sale of mesh bags. (Jacquemus, Prada or Stella McCartney to name a few).

This bag remains an elegant and trendy accessory with a clean but refined style, as we have seen in recent years the expansion of transparent handbags or wicker bags: the mesh bag is the logical evolution of this current fashion style.

You can also use it to go to the beach, to carry sports equipment or even to wash your clothes. The mesh laundry bag protects the clothes in it. It is strongly recommended to use it to wash your fragile clothes, so that you don’t have any unpleasant surprises once the washing is finished (buttons coming off, clothes deteriorating, etc.). Moreover, it prevents lint (synthetic materials for example) from going down the drain and ending up in the oceans. Using these laundry bags is therefore a simple gesture to protect your clothes but also our planet.

Finally, the mesh bag gives you the possibility to have a multi-purpose accessory for shopping. Indeed, as said above, these small bags do not look like much: their composition allows to support up to 10kg of container or even more for some. They are very resistant, practical and ideal to carry everything you want.

Of course one of the major assets of these bags is the eco-friendly side. Indeed, these mesh bags made of cotton or polyester are environmentally friendly because the materials used are recyclable but also by the fact that they are reusable/washable a very large number of times.

The idea is to combat the excessive use of single-use plastic bags.

Here are some key figures on the use of plastic bags:

– A French person uses about 80 plastic bags per year

– Every second 16,000 plastic bags are distributed worldwide.

– 500 Billion a year worldwide!!!!

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